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Angelina Jolie Trying Out Some Hot Bondage

Being a high-profile celeb like Angelina Jolie can be a real pain, and sometimes you need to find an outlet to help you cope with the pressure.  Some celebs party, some have affairs, but Angelina Jolie’s found something different and she wants to share it with everyone.  And that personal hobby that she’s found is bondage, hence we have these Angelina Jolie Bondage Pictures!

Now don’t be scared, it’s actually a pretty safe hobby and yet it’ll let you express your feelings and just let loose once in a while.  Sorta like a roller coaster!  But naughtier.  You see you get a safety word when you’re doing your bondage session and that’s all you need to tell your dominatrix or master to get him or her to stop.  So you can be humiliated and harrassed to your limit and when you reach that limit, say the word and it’s over.

But why you’d want it to be over is beyond me.  It’s so liberating to be ordered around without a care in the world except for the cares of your master.  Angelina looks pretty happy in these pics, even though she’s tied up tight in ropes.  She’s even a lucky girl in one of the pics, because she’s got a vibrator taped to her pussy, which shows that her dom is concerned about her pleasure as well.  I wonder where Brad is during all of this?

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Angelina Jolie Blowjob Pictures

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Angelina Jolie tells public “I’m not perfect”

Actress Angelina Jolie is known to have been suffering from low self-esteem and the star publicly admits that she “regularly picks fault in herself”.

The Tomb Raider star also mentions that “I struggle with low self-esteem all the time. I have so much wrong in me and it’s unbelievable”.


Jolie takes her boys out for an educational day at the museum

Actress Angelina Jolie was seen with her two adoptive children Maddox and Pax at Washington D.C.’s Air and Space Museum where everybody got into a photo shooting spree when the actress took her boys on an educational tour inside the said museum.

The three were accompanied by two security personnel and Jolie’s two sons were reported to be asking their mom a barrage of questions as they gazed through the facility’s Skylab, Space Hall and the WWI and WWII aerial exhibits.

Aside from visiting the nation’s capital and taking her sons to the famous museum, she was there to attend the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards where she presented an award to this year’s recipient Mariane Pearl.


There was “no wedding” for Brad and Angelina

Despite the news spreading that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie eventually tied the knot and exchanged vows at a New Orleans church, reports disclosed by some of the couple’s closest friends tells that there was “no wedding” involved.

The famous couple along with their siblings spent an entire weekend in New Orleans for humanitarian work with Brad’s project Make It Right where he and his famous wife helped rebuild the city’s Lower Ninth Ward.
Jolie is starring in an upcoming action film entitled Wanted which is due to be released in June and is pregnant to her second child with the actor.